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  • How to choose the most suitable motor for your blinds?
    1.The formula is :N.m=Reel pipe Radius(mm)*loading weight(kg)/100.For Example, if the loading weight is 50kg ,and the reel pipe radius is 30mm,please figure out the torque of the motor. N.m=30*50kg/100=15N.m. 2.How about the weight can the motor load? The formula is :Loading weight(kg)=N.m*100/ Reel pipe Radius(mm).For example: the torque of the motor is 15N.m,the Reel pipe Radius is 30mm ,please figure out the the loading weight.Loading weight(kg)=15N.m*100/ 30 Reel pipe Radius(mm)=50kg.
  • What is the advantage of constant speed motor?
    The operation principle of constant speed motor is to change the DC motor voltage duty ratio of armature, which is the time ratio of square wave height electronic level. That is to change the average level of duty ratio voltage, and to control the motor moving speed constantly. The advantages is motors moving at the same line, and makes it a good looking.
  • What is the advantages of the helical gear box?
    1.The meshing behavior is much better,which makes the driving steadily and quiet noise. At the same time it reduces the errors for driving affection. 2.Contact ratio is better. It reduces the loading of every gear, and improved the total loading weight of the gearbox, and prolongs the gears life time.
  • What are the advantages of motor’s multiple limits setting ?
    1.There are more 4 limits position than normal standard motor. The functions is you can set different limits according to angels of rays ,and it is very convenient to control the shading sunlights. 2.It can make multiple blinds to stop at the same line, and improve your living space much comfortably. 3.It fits different types of blinds ,and meets different personalized needs.
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